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Home Training with Multi Board

Posted by JunSangmin on
Enjoy training at home with your Multi Board.
Here are some of the different actions using the Multi Board!


Lying Leg Raise

Put the tubing handles on both feet while lying on the board and stretch your legs forward. Raise your legs straight from the top of the table until they are as close to the ceiling as possible.


Bent Over Low

Hold the handle with both hands and bend down naturally. It's good to make the waist arch, the chest forward, the knees slightly bent, and the hips back. Pull your hands behind your back and send your elbows behind your back.


Elbow Plank

Position the shoulder above the elbow with the lower arm supporting the board. Train abs and radiated muscles by moving the balance board from side to side.


Bicep Curl

Spread your feet shoulder-width apart and tighten your abdomen in a relaxed posture to keep your hips from falling out. Pull the handle while the ears and shoulder lines are in a straight line. Keep your elbows steady.



 With one side of the tubing fixed to the balanceboard, place the handle on the other foot. With your back slightly arched, lift your feet toward the ceiling and wait a moment.





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