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Balance Board Fish - Jeju Blue


Basic Deck and Roller: 
We designed the Fish and Squash with input from surfers for flat days inland training. The longer 32” deck and engrave centre stringer is perfect for training foot works and rail to rail maneuvers. The Y pattern of YangYang Fish and SeaGreen Squash is inspired by alphabet ‘Y’ of YangYang the most popular surf town in Korea. We believe Surfers, Snowboarders, paddle boarders, wakeboarders, and longboarders all love to use the Fish and Squash for enhancing their skills, and for off season training. 
- Premium grade 11-ply Baltic birch
- Eco-friendly stain and water based varnish
- 100% natural cork from Portugal
- Engraved center stringer
- Deck: 800 x 380 x 15 mm / 31.5" x 15" x 0.6"
- Roller: 400 x 100 mm
- Max. Load 150kg

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