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Posted by JunSangmin on

Introduce the various positions you can practice with the freeply board.
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Try to squat as much as possible. The balance board practice becomes more difficult as you move to edges This movement helps develop thigh and core muscles.


Try to find balance on your knee without using arms. Keep your forefoot as far as possible. It helps if you master the "Leg bend" action first.

Tube ride

This is a pose for surfers. Try to position yourself, like surfing in a tube. You can also train your posture first without a roller. Do a preliminary exercise with squats to stretch your thighs. Be careful not to get your hands under the board.

Feet out

 You should be able to "Tube ride." before trying this position. In the "Tube ride" position, replace your hind feet with your hands and stretch your feet. If you want to increase the difficulty, grab your your feet with the free hand.


Leg bend

Start at the edge of the balance board. Then turn your foot in one direction and keep balance. Once you get used to this, you can keep moving your feet forward and backward. This is the preliminary action of "Kneeling".



This pose is probably the best known longboard trick. You can practice it with your balance board prior to trying on a surfboard. First, move one step forward and place five toes at the edge of the board. Then try to move your hind feet to the nose and bend both toes.



You can completely rediscovers the balance board with this pose. However, don't forget to get enough mileage in the normal dirction before you try this lateral movement.


Hang Five

It is similar to "Bend leg" pose in the point of turing your foot sideways on the board. Grabbing the end of the board with your front toe will put you in this position. If you're good enough and bored, practice to stand on one foot.





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